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Will Pre-Consultation

Well done, you’ve done the hard part – deciding to organise your Will! You are in the 39% of the UK adult population who have done the same. We are still working on the rest!


A Will is an essential document as it allows you to determine what happens to your money, belongings, and loved ones once you have gone. From a few pounds in your bank account through to multiple properties or businesses, you have worked hard for what you have and you should be able to determine what happens to it, not the Government.




These are the people who will administer your Estate in accordance with your Will. They may work closely with a professional, or arrange it all themselves. Either way these people need to be people you trust. You should also consider having a reserve Executor, in the event that your first predeceases you or is unable to act when the time comes. 




These are the people who you wish to look after your children, assuming they are under 18 when you pass away. Whilst the natural choice may be grandparents, it’s important to consider their ages and those of your children. Perhaps brothers or sisters may be more suitable? It’s a personal decision but it’s essential you think about the implications of your choice both now and in years to come.  


Your Estate


Essentially your Estate is everything you own. From your property through to your car, and even cash in the bank and savings or shares, you need to think about who you want to receive what. These people are known as your Beneficiaries.


Beneficiaries and Distribution of Your Estate


A standard Will allows for basic distribution of your Estate, such as all to surviving spouse/partner on first death, and split equally between your children on second death. If you would like a more complicated distribution additional charges may apply.


Have a think about what you own and who you want to receive it.


Other Things to Consider


Here is a list of features included in a basic Will and any additional charges that may apply if more are required.




Provision in/for Your Will

Standard Will Includes

Additional Charges


2 levels of Executors

£10 per additional level


2 named Guardians

£10 per additional Guardian


2 levels of Beneficiaries

£10 per additional level


8 Beneficiaries

£10 per additional Beneficiary

Gifts of Personal Belongings

Letter of Wishes template provided


Monetary Gifts

2 gifts can be named

£10 per additional gift

Gifts of Property


£10 per gift

Gift of Business


£25 per gift

Hard copy of your Will

A digital PDF copy of your Will

£10 per hard copy of your Will



1. Please identify all people by their full names (title, forename, middle name(s), and surname), also providing their current address, and noting how they are related to you and your spouse/partner.

2. Please do not use abbreviations of names or locations.

3. Please tick the appropriate tick box for any multiple choice questions.

This form must be fully completed with accurate information to ensure that your Will is drafted with the correct clauses to meet your wishes.

All information disclosed to us shall be treated in the strictest confidence, and shall be secured and protected in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation.

Should you choose to withhold or provide inaccurate information then we may be unable to draft your Will, and we shall not be held liable for any losses caused to your Estate or your Beneficiaries.

Don't worry if you can't complete it all in one go, you can save the form and return later to finish.

Your Details

Please complete the following information in full including any middle names. When completing the dates of birth you can click on the month/year section in between the arrows to make selection of the year easier.

Are you able to read and sign your Will unaided?


Executors are personally and financially liable for the work of administering your Estate and carrying out other instructions in your Will. This can often be stressful and very time consuming, a typical estate takes 6-9 months to complete the probate process.

We highly recommend appointing a professional executor as they have no conflict of interest and the expertise to get the process completed as efficiently as possible. It doesn't cost anything to have a professional executor appointed in your Will as they will only commence work after your death. If you do select a professional executor below then National Will Writers will be appointed to act for you.

If not, please appoint people you trust to carry out your wishes. These can be beneficiaries, however this can cause problems through a conflict of interest.

Do you wish to appoint a professional executor?

We can provide EXECUTOR SERVICES, alternatively, provide your primary and secondary choices below

Do you have children


Do you have any children under the age of 18?

Please appoint a guardian who will look after your minor children(under 18).

Biological parents do not need to be named unless they do not have parental rights.

You only need to name one person, if you wish to name a couple i.e. parents then name one as primary and one as reserve.

Primary Guardian
Do you wish to add a reserve guardian?

To ensure that your Will is written correctly, your wishes are carried out and that your beneficiaries do not pay any unnecessary taxes it is essential that we know what is in your estate, how much it is worth and how it is owned. We do not need exact figures to the penny, just try to be as accurate as possible.

Please ensure anything that is owned with anyone else is listed under joint assets, for example joint bank accounts or property owned jointly.


Incorrect information provided here could have serious implications and we cannot be held liable for any losses due to inaccurate information provided on this form.

Do you have any pensions or death in service benefits?
Have you nominated beneficiaries for these?
Do you have any life policies?

We will need to document these alongside your Will to ensure they are not taxable and get tied up for 6-9 months in probate. Please upload the front summary page of any life policies you have, this will show the amount of cover, type of cover, term etc.


What is most important to you to achieve from your Will?
Please answer the following questions according to what is important to you:

Would you like your Will to be written in the most tax efficient way?

-----  -----

If you have a spouse/partner and they meet someone after your death, would you want to stop your Estate passing to any new partners?

-----  -----

If any of your children divorce, would you want the inheritance you gave them to stay in the bloodline and go to your grandchildren instead of the ex-spouse?

-----  -----

When you require care in old age, would you prefer the state to pay for it rather than you or your beneficiaries?

-----  -----

Would you prefer a family member or close friend to look after your affairs instead of someone you don’t know?
Funeral Wishes
Do you wish to be buried or cremated?
Do you have a prepaid funeral plan in place?

It is worth considering having a prepaid funeral plan as the cost of funerals are rising by 8-10% each year so your savings are extremely unlikely to keep up with the increasing prices.


It also makes things easier for loved ones as there is less to do at such an emotional time.


Prepaid funeral plans can be paid in one go or in easy monthly payments, the best part being that you pay todays prices rather than the price of one when you die.

We offer the most competitive plans in the marketplace together with a £100 gift voucher if you take out a plan through us within 7 days of your consultation.

Would you like more information on funeral plans?

Please provide the full names of all individuals you wish to benefit from your Will(s), be it in the form of a gift, or a share of your residuary Estate. Please also provide their current address, and note how they are related to you. During your consultation, your consultant will discuss gifts and the distribution of your residuary Estate in more depth with you and record your wishes accordingly.

Are you leaving anything to Charity?
Named Beneficiaries

Once we have produced your Will, as it is a very important document it should be legally checked after being signed and witnessed to ensure it is valid, and securely stored to ensure it is kept safe and finally registered on the National Will Database so your executors know where it is.

For a limited time our storage package special offer includes all of the following:

  • Free amendments to your Will so there is no need to have to pay out again when changes are required like addresses/executors/guardians/gifts/beneficiaries etc. (normally £50+ depending on work involved).

  • Fully bound hard copy of the Will instead of pdf to print at home. (£10 separately).

  • A legal check once the Will has been signed and witnessed to ensure the Will is valid (normally £95 if taken separately).

  • Storage of the Will and any accompanying documents in a secure storage facility run by Kings Court Trust (usually £30 per year).

  • Registration on the National Will database so that the executors can easily find the Will even if they lose the certificates that will be issued (£30 per Will normally).

  • Access to a probate helpline for guidance when the time comes.

Please read and sign this declaration.

I confirm that I am over the age of 18 years and are of sound mind. The information given is complete and correct, and is to be used as the basis for preparing my Last Will and Testament(s). In addition to appointments, legacies, and distribution of residue, I agree to my Executors and Trustees having normal powers to aid the administration of my Estate. I know of no other Trusts or constraints which would prevent my Estate being distributed as I wish.

I understand that there will be additional charges if further changes or amendments are desired after I have had my consultation and given my instructions.

I understand that the document(s) prepared will not be legally valid until they are signed, dated, and witnessed correctly, and if we do not choose an option for a legal validity check to be completed on our document(s) after they have been signed and witnessed then I take full responsibility for any losses caused by this.

I have read and agree to the terms of business on the website of the company
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